The Parihaka Cult por Kerry Bolton

November 20, 2019

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Titulo del libro: The Parihaka Cult
Autor: Kerry Bolton
Número de páginas: 136 páginas
Fecha de lanzamiento: January 17, 2017
ISBN: 1910881880
Editor: Black House Publishing Ltd

Kerry Bolton con The Parihaka Cult

Páginas: 136 Géneros: 12:HBJM:Australasian & Pacific history 12:HBTQ:Colonialism & imperialism 12:D:0 12:B:0 Sinopsis: &lsquo,The events that took place in and around Parihaka particularly from about 1860 to 1900 have affected the political, cultural and spiritual dynamics of the entire country ,. - Human Rights Commission, 2010 Over the past forty-years or so, we in New Zealand have watched our history being systematically re-invented, not based upon documented evidence of real-events that actually occurred on the ground, but solely to serve a modern-day need for made-to-order propaganda. One of the foremost of the churned-out, manufactured-myths surrounds the mid-19th century creation of a cultist-community called &lsquo,Parihaka ,, now represented, in typical Marxist-speak, as some kind of a Gandhi-inspiring bastion of righteousness and (yawn) passive-resistance against imperialist tyranny. The &lsquo,colonial invasion , of Parihaka in 1881 and the arrest of its self-styled &lsquo,prophets , Te Whiti and Tohu, have become a major part of the New Zealand narrative that has been revised to inculcate a guilt complex into European, especially British-descended, New Zealanders in the interests of tribal agendas. As such, the Parihaka legend ranks alongside America ,s &lsquo,Wounded Knee , and , South Africa ,s &lsquo,Sharpeville , as part of a world-wide offensive against the past, present and future of European-descended peoples. Dr Kerry Bolton delves deeply into the huge body of extant historical documentation, contemporary to Parihaka ,s founding prophet, and lays the entire, lame-fantasy bare for all to see._,

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