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Healthy Food Options

It can be difficult to find a good healthy diet every day for food since most people with their daily lives are too busy all the time to eat the right things or prepare them. In theory, people do not necessarily want to eat processed foods filled with their daily requirement of vitamins and minerals, but more often people go the easy way.

The right amount of calories for a woman is about 2000 kcal and 2500 kcal for men. Most people take vitamin supplements, but they should not be necessary if the plan is right, the first place. Eating a list of healthy foods every day

Eating 1:

– Mush of high-fibre cereal or better know bix (wheat, with a Brix). Do this with skim milk or low-fat milk – 200 calories

– 1 piece of fruit a banana id better because it provides a large amount of energy per serving, so you start the day – 72 calories

– 1 cup of green tea (without sugar while the tea bags and water)

Meal 2:

– 28g almonds with the skin left on for added fibre. – 160 calories

– 1 scoop of protein powder with water or skim milk (20 g protein) were mixed, this form of the protein is a great way to eat more quality protein in food every day to add to get. – 130 calories

Meal 3:

– 200g to 250g of grilled meat (beef or chicken is my favourite). Dress your salad and vegetables in a tablespoon full of healthy fats. (Virgin olive oil is best). – 670 calories

Meal 4:

– A sandwich with multigrain bread with meat of your choice, but not processed meat. – 300 calories

Meal 5:

– 50-70 g 200g grilled meat with vegetables of your choice. A diet with moderate amounts of protein will help you lose weight and keep muscle tone and aggressive part of your eating healthy foods every day.

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