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Eat to Lower Blood Pressure

Most people are aware that high blood pressure can cause serious health problems. You may know that some foods have been avoided if they are at risk. However, there are some foods that help prevent the problem would affect everyone.

This is a diet recommended by most doctors for this purpose. It’s called the DASH diet, which means “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.” It contains many of the foods below and gives a good list of foods to avoid.

Fruits and vegetables: Mom was right all along. Eat fruits and vegetables may help prevent or reduce many health problems like high blood pressure. If you use low-fat dairy sour cream, has even more protection BOARD.

Garlic: All alliums are likely to be useful, but garlic is the best. Studies show that has a positive effect on the number of blood pressure. While oil supplements help is better.

Lean protein: The human body needs some protein in an appropriate way to perceive, but we have a trend in the U.S. more than what you should eat normally and not the type on this diet. Lean beef, lean boneless pork / chicken and seafood are good choices. Thus, maize, beans and squash, preferably in the same meal. Veggie Trio, which offer so-called three sisters all amino acids necessary for a complete protein.

Water: Why is water here?

Our body is approximately seventy five percent water. The lack of adequate fluid intake makes it harder on the heart pump blood, the pressure increases. Drinking water will help that part of the equation, and keep your kidneys too.

Whole grain: Whole grain products provide a number of advantages. The latter can form in arteries, which narrow. As you can imagine, this causes high blood pressure.

There is much to prevent and improve the numbers on your card. Your doctor may also recommend that you use a kit, so you can keep track at home to buy. Keep an eye on the numbers and help if you go, so you can enjoy a long and healthy life … without pills.

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